Chartered Surveying Practice

Please see below some of the services provided by HAPS

Project Management

Hughes and Associates undertakes all aspects of project management, this service focuses on detail and objectives within specific and required timelines and budgets.

  • Project planning
  • Assessment/feasibility studies
  • Value engineering
  • Contract tendering
  • Multidisciplinary bids

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Contract Administration

Our skilled Chartered Building Surveyors can obtain accurate ‘briefs’ to create a clear and definitive tender package. with clients and contractors to ensure a successful completion within budget.

  • Procurement and Contractual Obligations
  • Provide certificates
  • Undertake record keeping
  • Ensure Contractor Obligations
  • Ensure Contractual Provisions

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Fire Risk Management

We have extensive experience using a multidisciplinary team of Chartered Fire Engineers, Building Surveyors and former Fire Regulatory Authority Officers to ensure compliance.

  • Statutory Compliance
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Fire Compartmental Survey
  • Fire & Smoke Damper Survey
  • Fire Door Survey

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Building Surveying

Hughes & Associates are Chartered Building Surveyors with an onus on developing relationships, building trust & bringing our skills and expertise to ensure that our clients receive expert level of service.

  • Six Facet Condition Surveys
  • Building surveys
  • Planned maintenance
  • Historical building expertise
  • Defect analysis

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Facilities Management

Our strong understanding of the modern PFI, Corporate and Business critical environments enables us to assist clients in mobilising and operating contracts in a risk mitigated manner.

  • Interim Management
  • Change Management
  • Statutory Compliance
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Surveys, Labour Loading, CAPEX Programs

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