Date: 2017 - Ongoing

Working within the Hughes & Associates group, the EyeComply team have used their combined experience to create a better way of measuring statutory and contract compliance. In partnership with the technical team at Kent University’s Innovation Centre who, themselves, have over 18 years’ experience of delivering IT systems and projects to the private sector and government departments in the UK and overseas, we developed EyeComply©.

EyeComply© is an intuitive audit tool that standardises the information collection and validation processes.

EyeComply© is an easy to use continuous auditing system that delivers efficiency and accountability in a secure and confidential manner. To ensure that data is secure and available when you need it we have partnered with Google Cloud Services as our technical infrastructure provider.

The dashboard presentation is a means to assess and oversee your organisation’s performance in terms of contract and statutory compliance. The collated data will identify areas of improvement and deficits in key performance indicators and allows benchmarking with competitors.

Whilst it’s designed to assure statutory and contract compliance, EyeComply© will also ensure value for money because it checks that everyone has done what they have said that they have done by asking for proof in the form of uploaded documents, certificates, plans, photographs etc. that are thoroughly checked by our team. A number of outputs come from our service, not least of which is the protection afforded from having a fully compliant site. We work with all stakeholders to mitigate risk and track mitigation plans.

These outputs clearly have a financial impact and ensure that value is delivered, non-compliant penalties are reduced and notice is served on those not meeting contractual commitments.

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